Engineered Wood Products

Engineered Wood Products

Service's for Product Manufacturer's

Product Marketing & Presentations  

EWP Associates has decades of experience and know how in regards to product marketing in Southern California. We can cut through the learning curve and arrange presentations (lunch and Learns) with specifiers and users of your product. Your point of contact information will be shared with your customers along with you obtaining both their contact and project information.

Sourcing and Training

We can assist in the sourcing of your marketing team and training of your clients through the collaboration of other companies with similar marketing needs. This collaboration results in radically reduced marketing costs with enhanced results.

Event Marketing  

EWP Associates orchestrates Industry events consisting of notable speakers, exhibitors and AIA accredited presentations that provide an avenue to network and display your products.

Services for Developers, Architects, Engineers and General Contractors

Cost Control

EWP Associates provides cost assistance for Multifamily and Hospitality Projects. This assistance consists of Value Engineering of the proposed engineered wood product framing system to insure it is cost efficient and within the budget.

Quality Assurance

EWP Associates provides a structural review of the plans and details to help minimize potential change orders or back charges caused by Architectural or Engineering conflicts.

EWP Associates has over 80 years of combined experience and can quickly identify areas of concern.